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Testimonial from Jennifer Bell, Director of HR, Dallas, Texas

"Your book, You Can Have it All, came at the best time for me. I had been struggling immensely to the point where I did not think there was any hope.

Back in April I was part of a reduction in force at Alcatel-Lucent. I had been with the company for 12 years and felt secure and stable in my position. I was always in receipt of accolades, praises, etc. The RIF came as a surprise. For some reason I had an arrogant belief my job and me would ever be in jeopardy. I had been able to hang on so long because of my ability to transform and take on different roles and responsibilities. I could adapt to all the re-organizations we went through – and we went through a lot of them. The RIF knocked me down a few notches. However, I got up, wiped the embarrassment and lack of pride off, humbled myself and decided this was a perfect situation for me.


I had been unhappy in my position for the past 7 years but was too fearful to make any move. Our director continued telling us we should be thankful to even have a job. When you start hearing it over and over you start believing it.


For years I had this overwhelming feeling – I was not where I was supposed to be. I had felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole these past few years at Alcatel-Lucent.


A few days before I was laid off – I was driving into work on the George Bush crying to the point where my eye-make up was totally absent now and praying out loud for the strength, wisdom and courage to make a change. Three days later I received the RIF notice. Lesson learned – be careful what you pray for – you might just get it. I just wish God had given me a little heads up first.


Two weeks after being laid off – I was in a car accident. Could this time get any worse for me. How many times do I need to be knocked down? A woman (without a license) had run a stop sign while talking on her cell phone and t-boned me. I was driving in the middle lane and she hit me so hard her car pushed my car from the middle lane across traffic onto the center median. I went to the hospital immediately from the injuries sustained from the accident.


One of the doctor’s I saw communicated to my family and the injuries I sustained from the accident may be permanent and I could be deemed disabled. So, here I was un-employed and could be disabled. I wasn’t going to lay down that quick. For 3 months, I put the job search on hold to recover from the car accident. After daily physical therapy and trips to my local gym – I got better and stronger – not only in body but in spirit.


During this time, I was reading your book, You Can Have It All. It, provided me the hope and determination not to give up. The stories in your book inspired me and unlocked strength in me – I knew I had but didn’t know how to call it up. Reading the stories of challenges and how these women overcame and prevailed was incredible therapy I could not have gained through a doctor, physical therapist or a pharmacist.

I am still in career transition but I am more confident and stronger and know my current experiences can only add to the talent and skills I would bring to any organization.


I cannot properly express how much your book has given me. Thank you"


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