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Generational Guru Client Roster

Sherri Elliott-Yeary solves tough generational challenges. She has received over 1,500 standing ovations and the Dallas Morning News calls her “The Generational Guru.”

Clients and audiences are as diverse as the generations about which Sherri speaks. She has presented to boards of directors, government agencies, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and a variety of industries from health care, manufacturing, food service, cosmetology, automotive, banking…and the list goes on.


The magic of Sherri’s presentation is that it resonates to many different industries, meeting themes and associations. Audience members can sharpen their multi-generational customer service skills, increase their generational branding, sales and learn how to Attract, Retain & Motivate to increase collaboration.

Sherri Elliott-Yeary HR Consultant

Sherri gives audiences a chance to not only laugh at their own generation but flourish in the presence of others.

Sherri has spoken at management retreats, lunch & learns, employee appreciation days, training events and annual conferences for these great clients.

Learn Proven Strategies       Hear Something New       Laugh Out Loud.

Will yours be next?

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