Crack the Millennial Code (Book 1): Strategies to Market to Millennials

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Crack the Millennial Code: Strategies to Market to Millennials, is the first book in a three-part series created to help you harness the power of the largest and most influential generation — Millennials.

In it, you’ll find strategies showing you how to create engagement with the most significant generation of consumers in American history.

Award-winning Author, Sherri Elliott-Yeary, saw that a framework was needed in which the power of understanding and acceptance of generational differences could be harnessed and put to productive use in the marketplace, workplace, communities, in everyday social life, and in the home.

As founder and owner of Generational Guru, Sherri conducted years of comprehensive research, interviewing and surveying hundreds of people across the country in a wide range of industries and of varying ages and experience levels. In becoming the expert at generational differences, she travels the country educating audiences on the challenges that can arise, and the solutions to help everyone achieve success.

Included in this power-packed, bite-sized book are chapters that expand on topics relevant to today’s challenges that consumers face as they seek to connect with Millennials, which include:

  • Why Millennials Matter Now

  • The Millennial Genesis

  • The Components of the Millennial Code

  • Crack the Code – Identifying Your Millennial Marketing Mix

  • Portraits of the Five Generations

Generational diversity and inclusion are critical elements to finding success in every layer of society within our ever-changing world. Every generation is made up of people who embrace the new and look for ways to engage and understand changing methodologies, and those who reject anything that is new and unfamiliar. The latter are likely to be less successful at harnessing the power of younger generations.

Diversity helps businesses thrive, and Millennials are the most diverse generation in history. Why are Millennials so important? Because they are defining trends and disrupting markets. When you incorporate the concepts explained in this book, you will be able to Crack the Millennial Code by authentically connecting with Millennials in a meaningful manner. This means you will have access to their world of diversity and inclusion, gain their loyalty as a fan and consumer, and find the success you are looking for as you seek to effectively market to Millennials.

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