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Generations Training for Your Company

Sherri Elliott-Yeary

Speaker | Author | Consultant

Sherri Elliott-Yeary Ties to Tattoos

Invite the Generational Guru to explain generational differences, generational diversity, and generational dynamics at your next event

Sherri Elliott-Yeary speaks and trains at Management Retreats, Lunch & Learns, Employee Appreciation Days, Training Days and Annual Conferences.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or find out how to have the Generational Guru speak at your next event, and save on travel costs and her speaking fee, please contact her directly at 1-469-971-3663 or via the Contact Form.

The Generational Guru on stage


On stage or off, Sherri will engage the most challenging of audiences. She will give them generational tips and tools that will allow them to feel differently and act decisively when it comes to discovering how to bridge the generational gap.

Sherri has also participated and facilitated generational panels and generational parodies, and been a part of a Generational “Price is Right” show. 

Learn Proven Strategies       Hear Something New       Laugh Out Loud.

Generational speaker

Four distinct generations are working shoulder to shoulder in today’s business and nonprofit organizations, each carrying a unique set of attitudes, values, and work styles. It used to be that the “older” workers were bosses and the “Millennials” took orders.

diversity and inclusion workshops

Being a leader in today’s workplace is more complicated than ever before. Leaders are not only being required to increase employee diversity, but factors such as rapidly changing technology, an uncertain economy, mergers, closings, and layoffs have made today’s workplace more challenging than ever.

generational speaking

Global businesses are in the early stages of being rocked by the arrival of a new and powerful generation. Who are these kids? Millennials (born 1981 to 2000, and the first generation to rival Baby Boomers in population size) are showing up at work with their own set of expectations, attitudes, and values.

HR consultant

The best marketing teams and salespeople have always needed a highly developed arsenal to help them reach potential buyers and connect with customers to improve sales. Now they must also embrace and understand each of the generations in today’s marketplace, how they differ in their approach and communication style, and how their unique talents play a large part in the sales and marketing process.

generational consulting

How in the world can two learners have such divergent reactions to the same learning experience? One explanation is that generational differences in the classroom create differing preferences and expectations among learners. Employing sound instructional methodologies, a variety of modalities, and solid facilitation techniques, you can overcome fundamental generational differences and provide learning experiences that engage and benefit everyone.

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