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Millennial and Generation Z Speaker. Generations Expert.

Sherri doesn’t just talk about generational differences. 
She transforms them into a competitive advantage. 

Power Your Generational Knowledge            Watch Sherri in Action


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Are you ready to Make It Work At Work With Millennials?

The Generational Guru leverages her expertise in Millennial Engagement and Retention and Generational Understanding to bring industry leaders the knowledge and understanding they need to shift focus and zero in on the talents and strengths of their workforce. Her knowledge can empower you to boost productivity, minimize conflicts, and create a shared culture of innovation, loyalty, and growth.

The Leadership Development Success Formula
Marketing & Selling Across the Generations
How Millennials Can Help Your R.O.I.

"If we strive for common ground by understanding each other’s unique method of communication, we will have a much better chance of building valuable relationships that impact the bottom line."


are you

a Gen Xer that thinks like a Baby Boomer

Transforming Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage
from Healthcare to Hospitality

Sherri has solved tough generational challenges for her numerous clients. She has received over 1,500 standing ovations at management retreats, lunch & learns, employee appreciation days, training events and annual conferences across the country.

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