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Ten Steps to Move from Sabotage to Success

Today, I would like to introduce you to my special friend, Stacey Cargnelutti an international best selling author and gifted life and success coach. She shares so much in her new book: Egypt 2 Canaan, A Guide to Lasting Change & Rich Fulfillment.

Here are her 10 Steps to Move from Sabotage to Success:

1. Identify undesirable behavior or habit and the result it’s producing in your life.

2. Ask the undesirable behavior why it exists in order to identify the story you’re living in.

3. Ask the story what high purpose it served and thank the old belief of serving its purpose.

4. Collect data that confirms the need to retire the old story then use it as evidence to help release it. Prove to yourself that the belief is hurting you more than helping you.

5. Break the commitments and alliances you’ve made with your adversary and uproot the lies keeping you stuck.

6. Rewrite your story by planting new seeds and aligning with truth.

7. Take action that corresponds with truth and desired outcome. Live in the new story and record new data that confirms truth.

8. Interrupt old thought patterns when they arise by saying something to this effect: “Although this belief served a needed purpose for many years, I choose to reject it today and think and act on truth, which says….”

9. Repeat, reward, and reinforce new behaviors. We humans repeat what is rewarded.

10. Walk in truth and stay free!

Stacey’s new book Egypt 2 Canaan – Guide To Lasting Change & Rich Fulfillment will be released soon. For more information about Stacey and her incredible life changing work, please connect with her at

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