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Gen Z vs. Millennials in the Workforce

More flexible Gen Z in the workplace

Generation Z’s oldest members are around the age of twenty and will soon enter the workforce. They differ from their predecessors, the Millennials, in many telling ways, but how will that affect the workforce?

Like the Millennials before them, Gen Z has high expectations about their jobs, but unlike the previous generation, Gen Z also has a less idealistic, more realistic view of the workforce.

What are some other differences between Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce?


While Millennials are more purpose-driven and wish to find fulfillment and meaning in their work, Gen Zers are more pragmatic, favoring job and financial security over idealistic motivations.


Gen Z is very independent. This may be why, according to the latest studies, Gen Z has big plans for the business world – over half say they’re interested in entrepreneurial careers.

Work-Life Balance

While Millennials find meaning in their work, Gen Zers tend to find meaning outside their work. That’s why a good work-life balance is more important than ever to Gen Z.

What to Expect when Gen Z enters the workforce:

Willingness to work their way up the company

Gen Z is more practical than idealistic Millennials and are not averse to working hard for their dreams, as long as the future payoff is good. Their quest for security makes stable jobs with opportunities for advancement and pay raises huge incentives for Gen Zers.

Less focused; better at multitasking

Because they grew up with much more of the technology we have today, Gen Z is much more in tune with digital devices, communications, and tools. This makes them more easily distracted, but much better at multitasking in their work.

Face-to-face communication

Unlike what you might think, because of their natural tech abilities, a recent study show that Gen Z likes face-to-face communication much better than Millennials, who prefer digital communication. Because of their want for authenticity, Gen Zers seek interactions at work that “ring true” to them.

Preparing for the next generation to enter the work force is always a smart plan. See how you can start making your business Gen Z-friendly today!

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, CEO of Generational Guru is an award-winning speaker, professional business consultant, and published author who energetically engages international audiences with her practical strategies for attracting, growing, and retaining top talent and loyal customers from every generation. Sherri brings over twenty years of hands-on experience to support you in designing generational solutions that address:

  • Cross-Generational Leadership Challenges

  • Generational Blind Spots in Sales

  • Effective Recruitment and Retention

  • Marketing to Millennials

For more information, please contact Sherri via email at or text/call her at 469-971-3663.

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