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13 Life Rules to Keep You Motivated

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We all have rules we live by. Some of them are inherent, such as smiling when walking past a stranger or shaking someone’s hand when introducing yourself. But others we must develop over time until they become habit.

Good habits, practiced daily, can make all the difference in your life. Here are 13 Mantra’s and Rules I highly recommend for anyone’s list:

1. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

2. Give more than you take.

3. Under-promise, then over-deliver.

4. We aren't rich enough to buy cheap things.

5. Keep it simple, stupid.

6. Keep business and personal separate.

7. Obey the Golden Rule.

8. Keep moving, keep playing and keep dreaming.

9. Work to live; don't live to work.

10. Do it right or don't do it.

11. Favors are a stronger currency than money.

12. Learn to enjoy the discomfort of change.

13. Think, "What am I trying to accomplish?"

I help organizations better lead, engage, train, and sell to Millennials and Generation Z. If you’d like help solving tough generational challenges inside your organization, click here.

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, CEO of Generational Guru is an award-winning speaker, professional business consultant, and published author who energetically engages international audiences with her practical strategies for attracting, growing, and retaining top talent and loyal customers from every generation. Sherri brings over twenty years of hands-on experience to support you in designing generational solutions that address:

  • Cross-Generational Leadership Challenges

  • Generational Blind Spots in Sales

  • Effective Recruitment and Retention

  • Marketing to Millennials

For more information, please contact Sherri via email at or text/call her at 469-971-3663.

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