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Who Is Gen Z and How Will They Impact the Workforce?

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Generation Z is those born between 1995-2014 (22 years and under). This generation has been called Generation Z, iGen, and Post-Millennials. In the past few years, Gen Z has been studied, and facts reveal that this generation is different.

Moreover, Generation Z is the most diverse generation than previous cohorts; 48% non-white. They are also more educated than any previous generation and have the highest rate of cell phone ownership than prior generations, including Millennials! What drives this generation?

Gen Z has an entrepreneurial streak in them with 70% saying they currently work self-employed jobs. This generation is very concerned about their future financial stability. A survey showed that 60% of Gen Z already has savings accounts and 71% of them are focused on saving for their future goals. If you employ them, they may be a very stable workforce if you offer long-term incentives such as 401K’s, stock and savings accounts, etc. A Universum study surveyed 49,000 Gen Z members across 47 countries and found Gen Z is very concerned with job security and living a balanced, full life. Studies show that this generation is highly confident, developed emotionally, and ambitious. Gen Z has proved to have a rapid and unstructured learning capacity, evidenced by their YouTube usage for online learning. This generation has immense respect for peer reviews, which will incent organizations to offer more team-based performance. Gen Z has a strong sense of equality, diversity, and social impact (social responsibility). With technology, this generation has developed strong abilities in multi-tasking and sourcing information. As long as organizations stay open-minded about what this generation has to offer, and play to their strengths to avoid the negative stereotypes, Gen Z will be a great addition to the global workforce. Holtyluwer, L. (December 26, 2018).

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, CEO of Generational Guru is an award-winning speaker, professional business consultant, and published author who energetically engages international audiences with her practical strategies for attracting, growing, and retaining top talent and loyal customers from every generation. Sherri brings over twenty years of hands-on experience to support you in designing generational solutions that address:

  • Cross-Generational Leadership Challenges

  • Generational Blind Spots in Sales

  • Effective Recruitment and Retention

  • Marketing to Millennials

For more information, please contact Sherri via email at or text/call her at 469-971-3663.

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