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Generational Marketing and Selling

Marketing & Selling Across Generations

The best marketing teams and salespeople have always needed a highly developed arsenal to help them reach potential buyers and connect with customers to improve sales. Now they must embrace and understand each of the generations in today’s marketplace, how they differ in their approach and communication style, and how their unique talents play a large part in the sales and marketing process. How can you identify the hot buttons of your top sales performers? What messages will appeal to your multi-generational customer base?


These questions and more are addressed in a highly entertaining program that helps energize marketing gurus and salespeople, and teaches sure-fire strategies for sharpening your generational edge in the marketing and selling arenas. It shows audiences how generational insights can transform marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Generation gaps are everywhere and businesses can gain a distinct competitive edge if they get to know who the generations are, what makes them tick, and how to make every generational connection count.

Dynamic Communication: Bridging Generational Divide in the Workplace

In our fast-paced, high-tech, low-touch world, the art of effective communication is becoming lost. Regaining this art can provide organizations with a true competitive advantage. Adding fuel to that fire is another workplace dynamic, the mix of four distinct generations all working together. This dynamic is creating disconnects in communication and is inhibiting productivity and success.

The generations composing the workforce have grown up in vastly different times. Their backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and approaches vary immensely, shaping different work styles that can create barriers to effective communication. In order to create an environment where multigenerational groups can no longer just Survive, but Thrive, organizations must invest time and energy into understanding the communication styles of their employees.

One proven strategy involves creating a common "language" to bridge generation gaps and lay a foundation for a productive work environment. In order to create this common language, organizations must understand how their people behave, communicate, are motivated, make decisions, and deal with change, risk, and conflict.  You can then apply this knowledge to break down communication barriers to success.

This session will provide practical skills that can be leveraged to assist organizations in breaking down those communication barriers. You can harness the strengths of these various generations into a cohesive team and create a true competitive advantage.

You will learn about the distinct characteristics of the various generations and how they're causing communication gaps, discover how to break down communication barriers and create a common language, and then identify tools you can use to empower the various generations to work together as a cohesive team.

Request info today on any of the Generational Guru’s acclaimed programs, available as a customized keynote presentation, half-day program or full-day training events.

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