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Millennial Inclusion and Diversity

How to Get the Most Out of Your Millennial Employees

Generational differences are a challenge for even the most experienced leaders. Considering many organizations currently employ a minimum of three of the four generations, the generational puzzle is not getting any easier to decode.

So, what can you do today to solve your generational challenges, and improve recruitment, retention, communication and engagement across the generational divide?

In this powerful session, Sherri Elliott-Yeary, Generational Guru and bestselling author of “Ties to Tattoos: Turning Generational Differences into A Competitive Advantage”, shares new research on Millennials (“Gen Y”), Generation X, and Baby Boomers along with the few Traditionalists still in the workplace.

The Generational Guru shares exclusive research that uncovers the truth about the differences between working in a multi-generation workforce with Generational DNA and Generational Personality. Learn what is going on, why, and what you can do today to drive measurable results-directly from the leading generational expert:

  • Discover the shocking management request that will have Millennials wanting to quit on the spot

  • Learn how the different generations prefer to be communicated with in the workplace - but are afraid to tell you

  • Discover the top five ways to increase recruiting, retention and engagement now


Don’t miss your chance to gain valuable insight directly from the leading generational expert, the Generational Guru today.

Embracing Millennials

Global businesses are in the early stages of being rocked by the arrival of a new and powerful generation. Who are these kids? Millennials, born 1980 to 1996, are the first generation to rival Baby Boomers in population size.  They are now showing up at work with their own set of expectations, attitudes, and values.  Techno-savvy, demanding, and ambitious, they’re bringing with them an entirely new way of doing business. How prepared are Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists to motivate and manage them?


“Embracing Millennials” offers strategies for Attracting, Retaining & Engaging this influential generation as our future leaders in the new work force. Companies that are forewarned and prepared to make changes to meet their needs will reap the rewards of the millennial generation’s talents, creativity, and pragmatic approach to the world of work.

Millennials Can Be Great Leaders

Millennial managers are sky rocketing to the top as the fastest generation of managers in many workplaces. But according to them, they don’t know how to “lead” employees and they don’t want too either!  Millennial managers bring a new, valuable attitude and a needed technological skill set, yet they lack the ability to conduct face-to-face meetings with each other or their peers. This new leadership style is creating new and exciting challenges for organizations around the world.


The Generational Guru reveals what millennial managers, executives, and entrepreneurs must know and do in order for them to achieve their Life-Work Balance. Sherri shares surprising insights for leading people older than yourself, who think differently than you do, specific ways to leverage your talent, and exactly how to earn respect in a generationally diverse workplace.

Sherri reveals a new approach to fast career traction based on you showing your value first. She delivers easily applicable strategies that earn you the R-E-S-P-E-C-T you desire.

How Millennials Can Help Your R.O.I.

Millennials are the fastest-growing generation in the workforce today. Along with timely skills and valuable ambition, they bring unique expectations when they enter the workplace that can frustrate the most experienced leaders and managers. You may have seen this in your own workplace or with your own millennials, I know I have! Their definition of business casual is “Flip Flop Fridays” every day!

In “Ties to Tattoos,” bestselling Generational author Sherri Elliott-Yeary reveals new strategies based on her millennial research that directly determines this generation’s workplace performance. She is effectively able to distinguish between stereotypes and real research findings, and provides proven strategies you can use right away to improve your millennial Recruiting, Retention, and Engagement.


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Embracing Millennials
Millennials Can Be Great Leaders
Millennials can help your roi

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