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Generational Guru Client Testimonials

Thanks for presenting today's session "Turning Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage" to PepsiCo associates.

Your presentation provided a better understanding of the characteristics and key motivators of each generation, as well as tips regarding how to successfully interact with each.  We will use these tips to more effectively collaborate (and avoid collision) with our family members, team and co-workers.

Thanks again for presenting an enlightening and engaging session.


Plano, Texas

Ties to Tattoos provides thought-provoking realities you need to consider.  It affords actionable ideas on how to gain better understanding of what drives today's workforce to deliver exceptional results.

George Killebrew, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sponsorships

Dallas Mavericks

Sherri recently spoke to a group of Nissan executives and employees interested in learning tips and techniques to enhance communication across generations.  Sherri was extremely flexible and willing to tailor her message to fit with the steps Nissan had already taken to increase generational inclusion.  The event itself was engaging, filled with personal examples and activities to keep the audience excited about the topic.  We appreciate Sherri being a part of Nissan's diversity strategy and look forward to seeing how employees apply the actions she shared.

Laura Gillespie, Talent Management Analyst II

Nissan Americas

I enjoyed your presentation at the Dallas Texas Diversity Luncheon and I am enjoying the book, Ties to Tattoos.  After I am done reading it, I will recommend it to others here at Comerica.

John Castellano, Senior Vice President

Comerica Bank

Sherri's presentation on generational differences hit home with many of our employees.  We tend to believe that is someone works differently than we do, then they are not as effective or productive.  Sherri taught us that people from different generations approach work from a wide variety of avenues and that is okay.  We need to value, promote and celebrate our differences!

Lisa M. Phillips, Staff Development Specialist

The Medical Center of Plano

Sherri spoke at our Outside Sales Summit to our Franchise Partners and center sales force. She was very engaging with the audience, helped them learn about generational differences and different approaches in the sales environment.  The participants found it opened their eyes to new dynamics and many requested that we invite her back to our annual convention.  We are excited to have her back at our next event.

Jim Howe

Fast Signs

Employees at our corporate office are committed to serving our hospital based employees and physicians so that we can fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life of every patient that enters our doors.  Creating a service-centric corporate environment means making sure our employees feel strong connections with our company, their colleagues and the community in which we serve.  To strengthen these connections, we invited Sherri to speak at one of our Leadership & Learning events.  Sherri's presentation was not only informative, but entertaining.  Her keen insight into the differences between the various generations was enlightening and certainly resonated with our employees.  Her strategies for building bridges between the different generations were practical and actionable and we look forward to leveraging what we learned.  I would highly recommend Sherri as a speaker if your goal is to enhance communication, boost collaboration and foster understanding in your workplace!

Jean Danner, Director Corporate Human Resources

Tenet Healthcare Corporation

For the first time in history, four generations are sitting side by side in the workplace.  Ties to Tattoos is a must read, not just for HR Professionals but anyone who manages people.

Jennifer Kaneshiro, PHR, Chief Human Resources Officer

Chickasaw Nation, Division of Commerce

Sherri came to our bank to deliver her "Colaboration vs. Collision" presentation to our employees, which was very well-received.  She has an engaging, outgoing speaking style which draws you in, and she's a wonderful story-teller.  She brought different cards with examples of different situations which might cause generational conflict, and we broke into groups to work through these examples.  Each group was comprised of people from different generations, and it was amazing to see people of all different ages working together to think through their differences and brainstorm about what strengths they could pull from each other to collaborate and maximize their potential.  This presentation will absolutely make a difference to our business moving forward."

Tere Bettis, VP Human Resources

Coppermark Bank

I have invited Sherri to speak to several originations including the Dallas Area Gerontological Society (DAGS) and the Rotary Club of the Park Cities.  Sherri was very engaging and informative and could speak effectively to the entire audience.  Her audio and visual were very easy to understand and entertaining.  I would recommend Sherri to any organization as a pioneer in her field.

Christian F. Clausen

CNC Home Care

You are one of the most exciting and driven . . . but yet you enjoy life . . . women I've met. You are very interesting and communicate well... Both in person and in your presentation, also thank you so much for your book . . . It is a wonderful gift . . . you've inspired me to seriously go after what I enjoy . . . hearing what you do struck a chord with me and what I'm interested in.  So thank you!

Shawna Aakre

Farm Broadcaster - American AG Network

Sherri is a great presented who engages the audience with stimulating discussion.  Her ideas on work life balance are compelling and apply to those who are working today.  What an inspiration to those people who are looking for ideas to help them improve their lives!

Maura Schreier-Fleming

Chair - IEEE Consultants Network in Dallas

Thank you so much for your presentation.  Everyone has raved about it and your information was shared frequently throughout the remainder of our meeting.  

We are so grateful for your time & talent; look forward to seeing you again soon.  We are sharing your book launch with our entire group as well as many of our professional and personal contacts.

Kathy Friend

Development Director - Children's Medical Hospital

The Garland Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Business Initiative were thrilled with Sherri's presentation of trials and triumphs at our June luncheon.  She made us laugh, cry, and reflect on the importance of enjoying life to the fullest.  Sherri has presented a couple of times to our membership and is always fantastic.  We look forward to working with her again!

Jami Manners

Project Director - Garland Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your engaging talk last week with the HR Oil & Gas Group.  All of the comments from the group were very positive and you certainly made them sit back and re-evaluate their workforce.  I appreciate your availability at such short notice and look forward to working with you again.

Grace Weisberg

VP or HR - Kosmos Energy

Sherri Elliott-Yeary was a delight!  She was energetic, fun, and provided a fresh perspective on a potentially touchy topic.  Her vast knowledge of how multi-generational environments work really allowed Sherri to apply intriguing examples that made sense to our members and every-day work life.  We look forward to working with Ms. Elliott-Yeary in the future.  I give her my highest recommendation as a speaker and as an expert in her field.

Carl York

President - American Payroll Association, Dallas Chapter

Trans-generational issues are important to all companies and to employees. Thank you Sherri Elliott-Yeary for sharing your insight and ideas relating to communications and opinions concerning the generational groups.

As a result of your training, I now believe I have a more open mind, can better communicate and will hopefully use these tools to keep our company going another 100 years. As you shared, if we do not adjust our ways, minds, attitudes and communication skills, the future will not be there. Thanks to you, maybe-just-maybe Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory will still be around for many more years!

Rick Fleetwood
CEO, Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory

Thanks for delivering your very powerful message at last week's top female executives luncheon as produced by Addison Magazine. I am certain that all who heard you were touched and driven to examine their focus and intentions about all that they do.

Bruce Bradford

President & CEO, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce; Member Advisory Board at IGNITE

Dealing with the generational differences within the Maritime Industry has been an ongoing discussion for our members. Our members have always expressed the need for some sort of guidance in dealing with the various generations in the workplace. While researching the topic I came across the Generational Guru website. Sher and I had several communications prior to her invitation to speak to our members. Her message was clear and definitely needed, but I wanted to ensure that her presentation would be engaging, examples would be relative to our industry, no one generation would have any sort of negativity associated it, and we wanted our members to leave with a takeaway. Something they can take back to their respective worksites and work on immediately. She was receptive to the ideas and very willing to accommodate our requests. Sher has since been invited to speak at three of our member forums across the country and will be speaking at a fourth in November. Sher has exceeded our expectations by providing us with simple, but relevant information to bridge the generational gaps through Collaboration. Her presentation gave our members a better understanding of each generation and tips on how successfully promote engagement amongst them.


Woody Collins

AEU LEAD® Manager, The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.

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