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Generations in the News

The only thing better than seeing the Generational Guru on television is to watch her BRIDGING THE GENERATIONAL GAP Live!

Sherri has been seen on Good Morning America, Fox 4 News, quoted in The Morning News, Dallas Business Journal and a regular contributor for Talent Magazine.  She’s been heard on a variety of broadcasts from Voice America, ABC Talk Live, and Canadian Talk Radio. She has been interviewed on a multitude of TV programs from the Channel 8 Daybreak to Sonoran Living.

Sherri’s TV interview topics range from employing the next generation of leaders to creating multi-generational collaboration in the workplace and sharing proven strategies to collaborate not collide on many spirited panel discussions.

Media professionals turn to Sherri Elliott-Yeary, the Generational Guru, when they require guidance on how to successfully traverse the crazy and exciting multi-generational marketplace. Since 1999, Sherri has researched and studied the ever-changing diverse multi-generational workforce. She has become the go-to expert to answer such questions as, is there really a generational divide? What makes a generation unique? What can we do when generational conflict erupts,  how can people find multi-generational success?

Generation Leadership

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Bridging the Generational Gap
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Bridging the Generation Gap

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Sherri on Good Morning Texas

Global TV:  Maximizing
Generational Gap At Work

Speaker's Tape - Ties to Tattoos

Breakfast Television -
Generational Collaboration vs. Collision

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